Anonymous: Definitely go to ASU over Suffolk!!! I got into both but chose ASU.

I did that same exact thing! I seriously love asu, it’s the best university I went to so far. Come off anon!(:

ariana-cota: omg omg omg you are so handsome♥ *o*

Oh stop it you☺️ hahaha thanks gorgeous!:)

jasminejessie: Amazing blog(:

Awhhh thanks! Same to you, for real:)

Anonymous: You're so cute!

Thank youuu!:3

Anonymous: Be mine? 😍😏

Come here bby

my-twisted-wonderland-mind: I know that this is random, but I wanted to say that you are awesome!

Dude, youre fucking awesome. Fucking. Awesome.

thenoteboard: Really cool blog, definitely worth a follow! Good stuff

Fuck yeah man, you know whats good

tomfxrd: Please check out my blog and follow me back! Love your blog :-)

For sure man! Thanks! your blog is rad af

a-shining-silver-lining: Where can I find your music playlist ? I love it

I made it on hypster! 

Wiz Khalifa - Paperbond
Wiz Khalifa - So High ft. Ghost Loft
G-Eazy - Tumblr Girls ft. Christoph Andersson
Wiz Khalifa - The Plan ft. Juicy J
G-Eazy - Waspy ft. Tennis
G-Eazy - Let’s Get Lost ft. Devon Baldwi